Sidetripping to Tagaytay

Noon: Tagay? Tay!

Ngayon: Tagaytay!

Tagaytay is part of the province of Cavite. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines due to its outstanding sceneries and cool temperature. The peak season is usually during summer wherein lots of Filipinos like to escape the scorching heat of the sun. Tagaytay provides views of the Taal Volcano in the middle of Taal lake.


Because of its promising views and cool weather, it has also been listed in my bucketlist. I had a work-related seminar in the first week of June 2017 in Quezon City and since it was a long weekend, me and my college classmates had a side-trip to Tagaytay City. Tagaytay is roughly two hours travel time from my location. So in the early morning of June 10, we rode a bus from Quezon City to Lawton. Then we took another bus in Lawton that is going straight to Tagaytay. The fare from Lawton to Tagaytay is only ₱95.00. We alight in Olivarez then rode a jeepney to Tagaytay Skyranch for ₱8.00.


It was almost zero-visibility in our first destination due to the fog, plus it was super cold. It was a rainy day but we had to push through this travel because I had to go back to my hometown the following day. We were hungry then, so the first thing we did was finding a restaurant that serves bulalo.  As you know, traveling to Tagaytay is not complete without trying their bulalo. There are lots of restaurants lined up outside the Tagaytay Skyranch. Luckily, we found a restaurant that suited our taste and budget. We ordered Crispy Tawilis, Bulalo, Tahong Sisig, rice and a pitcher of juice.

After overcoming our hunger, we headed straight to Tagaytay Skyranch. The entrance fee is ₱80. Inside, there are several rides to choose from. We bought vouchers a week before for ₱350 each. With this voucher, you can ride these 14 attractions: Wonder Flight, Flying Bus, Racing Car, Jump Around, Super Viking, Nessi Coaster, Red Baron, Grand Carousel, Mini Viking, Sky Cruiser, Toy Swing, Log Coaster, Drop Tower, and Express Train. However, because of the rain, the Nessi Coaster and Log Coaster were not available.

The first ride we tried was the Super Viking, which swings you back and forth that goes higher and higher until you feel your stomach tightening. Then, we tried the Express train which gave us a tour of the whole Tagaytay Skyranch. And then, our childhoods were refreshed by the Grand Carousel. It felt awkward to ride with the little kids but we tried this ride since there’s no age limit for this. Lol. Then they tried the Dry Tower. I’m not courageous enough to do this. My friends said it was their favorite attraction. My personal favorite is the Flying bus, though my friends said it was the most thrilling ride. I discovered that in order to avoid that strange feeling in your stomach once you get in those ride, just shout. We tried the Sky Cruiser as well.

Inside the Skyranch, there are also food stalls and souvenir shops. You will also be awed by the picturesque view of Taal volcano. If I’m not mistaken, Taal volcano is the smallest volcano in the country.

We agreed to explore other spots in Tagaytay, so we rode a jeepney going to Olivarez Terminal then another jeepney ride to Tagaytay People’s Park. By this time, the rain was pouring heavily and the fog was thicker. So we haven’t seen the panoramic view in this place. There’s an entrance fee of ₱30.00. The rain didn’t stop so we decided to call it a day and headed back to Manila.

I know there are still other places we haven’t seen in Tagaytay. I blame the fog and the rain. Still, I enjoyed this day because it was a mini-reunion for me and my classmates in college. We haven’t seen each other in years. I missed their insanity. Awesome day 🙂