My Colored Pencil Drawings

Colored pencil is my favorite art medium. I use Faber-castell polychromos and classic colored pencils in my drawings. I love to draw portraits and usually my subjects are ladies. Here are some of my finished drawings:

  1. Audrey Hepburn – For me, Audrey Hepburn had the most beautiful face on screen. I got the photo reference from google. In this drawing, I used Faber-Castell(FC) Polychromos and Classic colored pencils. I also used green and brown markers for her sweater.
Audrey Hepburn

2. Liza Soberano – Ms. Soberano is probably the most beautiful actress on Philippine TV these days. This drawing of mine got the most number of likes among all the drawings I’ve posted on my facebook account. The reason? She has a ton of admirers. I got the photo reference from google too. In that photo, she attended the annual star magic ball. For this drawing, I used FC Polychromos and Classic and Uni Signo White Gel Pen for the whites on her dress.


Liza Soberano

3. Beauty and the Beast – This is my fan art. The “Belle” in the 2017 movie version was portrayed by Emma Watson. As usual, I used FC Poly and Classics and Uni ball signo marker in gold. I also used soft pastels for the background. In this drawing, I learned how to draw beard/fur. And I noticed, this is my first drawing with a signature. I signed this one because I was planning to give it to someone who will fly back to america and eventually give this drawing to his wife, who is also a fan of this movie. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish this before his scheduled flight.


Beauty and the Beast

4.  Rose – Actually, the name I gave to this artwork is “Treat Me Like A Rose”. I got the photo reference from google. My original plan was to give it to my boss in time for her birthday. She really loves flower so I thought of drawing one.  I decided not to give it to her because I wasn’t satisfied with my drawing. Rose

5. Starry Sky – This is not a colored pencil drawing at all. I just like to include it here. I used Mungyo soft pastels for this one. For the paper, I used the rough side of a watercolor paper. I also used uni signo white gel pen for the stars. This time, I got the reference from Youtube. I tried to re-create the YouTube artist’s work because I wanted to try soft pastels.

Starry Sky

6. Aji 3 – She is the lead actress in a Korean series titled “I am not a Robot”. We love Korean Drama 🙂 For the hair, I used Polychromos, while Prismacolor was used for her skin and dress. I’ve drawn girls with races like Whites and Asians. I think I should draw girls from black races too.

Aji 3

And so that’s it my friends! I am still into colored pencil. I’ll post some of my recent drawings soon. Thank you for your time. 🙂


Some Recent Clayations

A Farm Girls Life

Hey guys! Today I – oh wait. IF YOU ARE MALLORY, DON’T READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY! XD Ahem. This post may, um… contain some classified birthday material. 😉

But anyway, as I was saying: today I wanted to show you some of my recent polymer clay creations! (To see my previous clayation posts, click here, here, and here.) Making clay miniatures is one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

Let’s start with a hippopotamus, because it’s really fun to say. XD I made this hippo for my little sister’s birthday, and she really liked it! She has a safari themed room, and she wanted some more hippo things for it. 😛 Basically it’s just a shallow bowl with a hippo head and legs. Oh, and I brushed it with triple-thick glaze. Kinda cute, huh?


Next up, we have a cute wittle bunny. I used a brown artist’s pastel to shade her…

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