My Feline Friends

Oh I love cats!

They’re sweet, cute and loyal companions.
My cat’s name is Miming. It’s a typical name for cats in the Philippines. With this name, it’s easier to call them when it’s feed time. Just shout “Mi-mi-mi-ming!” and they’ll hurriedly come to you and answer “Meow”. 🙂

My cat had a lot of boyfriends, and so every year she bears an average of 25 kittens. So today, I feature her seven new kitties for this year 2017.


According to The Huffington Post , cats typically sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day.


I noticed these two are very close to each other. Sisterly love indeed!

Hey, what’s up?


Here’s Mommy Miming


Escape to Looc Sanctuary

March 18, 2017

I’ve been there once but I was too young to remember such experience. So luckily, I am able to revisit this place recently.
Looc is a small town in the Province of Romblon, a few kilometers away from my hometown. The Looc Fish Sanctuary is one of their leading tourist destinations. It is just a walking distance from the local market.

We arrived in Looc the night before through motorcycle. In the morning, we headed to our point of destination. It is locally known as Parola. When we got there in Parola, we headed to Bantay Dagat Building to pay the fee and enlist our names, age and gender. The fee is ₱100 per head for adults and ₱50 for kids. You may also rent snorkeling mask for ₱50 each. Half of the fee goes to Bantay Dagat while the other half goes to the Local Government Unit. The tourists can stay up to two hours.

This is where you pay the environmental fee

We waited for a while for the boat to come and fetch us because a group of tourists was accommodated first. And so the boat arrived. They provided life jackets for all of us. The boat ride from seaside to the Sanctuary is less than five minutes. There’s an old tower there that looks like a lighthouse (maybe it’s actually a lighthouse used in the old times).

And so the highlight begins!

We jumped and swam in the water, enjoyed the summer heat and ate our snacks in the middle of the bay. There’s a bamboo structure there that has dining table, seats, and grille for the tourists. So a bit of tip: before getting onboard, buy fresh seafoods in their local market and cook them in the built-in grille in the bamboo structure. Also, buy some bread to feed the fish there.

In the middle of the bamboo house is a whole where you can feed different varieties of fish. I saw Nemo and Dory there. I also saw Patrick the starfish. There’s not much of a coral structure in the sea bed around the area, some say that these are found farther north. Anyway, encounter with the fish is an incredible experience. I feel like they’re trained not to be afraid of humans.

It was quite a windy day so we didn’t stay for long. We headed back to land and readied ourselves for lunch.

Vitamin Sea

Lunch at Patok Sa Bagto

Patok sa Bagto recently became popular on my friends’ Facebook posts so I got curious of this restaurant. It is located in Punta, Looc, Romblon. It’s actually a fishpond with cottages around where visitors come to satisfy their appetite. We ordered Alimasag Sweet and Sour(₱180), 2 Calderos of Rice(₱120), Chopsuey(₱180), 2 Bottles(1.5L) of Softdrinks(₱130), Calamares(₱180), Pancit Bihon(₱60), and Sinigang na Sugpo(₱380) for a total of ₱1,230 which is quite reasonable for 13 servings.

So that is how we spent out weekend this March. As the summer approaches, I plan to visit other tourist spots in my island. So till my next post, see yah 