Weekend Getaway – Boracay

October 29, 2016

The original plan is that my sister and I will spend a weekend in Carabao Island, however, the night before the planned vacation, we changed our minds. We headed to Boracay early in the morning of October 29, 2016.  By the way, they dub Carabao Island as the twin island of Boracay. It has the same white sand and clear blue sea, the only difference is Carabao Island is a virgin island, therefore it’s not crowded.  Carabao Island is part of my province. And Carabao Island sits opposite to Boracay.

I’m standing in Boracay, at my back(right side of this photo) is the Carabao Island

We got out of bed at 3:00 am, prepared ourselves and went to Odiongan Pier. We bought our ship ticket from 2Go Travel. I can’t really remember the price, I think it costs around P400 per head. The travel time from Odiongan Pier to Caticlan Port is 2-3 hours. Upon arrival, we went out to buy some snacks and returned to the Port to buy boat ticket, including terminal and environmental fee, to our point of destination – Boracay! Travel time from Caticlan to Boracay is around 5 minutes only.

Boat ride – Caticlan to Bora, with my sizzums

And so we arrived in Bora! Since we only had last-minute preparation, we have no specific plan for the day. Good thing, my younger sister has a friend who lives in this island. She served as our guide in touring the island. Our first stop is the Puka Beach.img20161029112456

Puka Beach is the nearest point to my home province. Compared to Balabag Station (main beach in Bora), Puka Beach is more quiet. We saw souvenir stalls upon entrance. They sell hand-crafted items made usually of sea shells and other indigenous materials. I uttered “wow” upon seeing the beach and the fine white sands. I loved the color of the sea but decided not to swim because the waves are a bit stronger here (I’m not a good swimmer). I can only swim in calm water.img20161029103719img20161029105833img20161029114429After spending some time in Puka Beach, we decided to check in to our resort. I made reservations with Boracay Waterworld the night before. The only thing I didn’t like about the resort is that it’s a bit far from the island’s highlights. But if you prefer more serene place to stay, this is perfect for soul-searching and retreat.

Boracay Waterworld

Boracay has a lot to offer for tourists and locals alike. The island has activities like ATV, diving, etc. It has a wide choice of restaurants for different cultures. When we were there, most of the tourists I saw are from Asian countries like Korea and China. There were also visitors from western countries. Some are couples, some are families. I seldom saw solo backpackers. Simply because Boracay is a place best enjoyed with company. No wonder why Boracay is one of the most popular beaches in the world. I love Bora!


We left Bora the following morning. It was indeed a successful weekend getaway with my sister. I hope to come back next time around.


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